High-quality 3D CAD geometry: saves time in design, lowers costs in engineering.

About Us

The owner spent over eight years at Gillette supporting the globally successful CAD design and prototyping departments. In 2005 he setup 'digital-oil', a general design business, more experience in complex modelling and advanced surfacing was gained and is now used to focus on addressing problems that arise in engineering or production from poor CAD model geometry. digital-oil changed to saves9engineering in 2010, then to saves9engineering b.v.b.a. (A Belgian Limited Company) in 2012. The owner is a SOLIDWORKS Expert with 14 years' experience. In this time, he has mastered all the standard and the most important premium SOLIDWORKS features and tools, as well as making and managing efficient large assemblies and all subsequent 2D assembly and part drawings. He specialises in making models which require Advanced Surfacing and Complex 3D modelling and also Complex Sheet Metal techniques. All work has sharp focus on producing high-quality geometry. I am a Certified SolidWorks Professional and SolidWorks Advanced Surfacing Specialist.