High-quality 3D CAD geometry: saves time in design, lowers costs in engineering.

What benefits would optimised CAD geometry bring to your business?

  • Faster models
  • Faster large assemblies
  • Application of offsets and shelling works
  • Fillets are almost instantly applied, yes, even complex fillets and rounds
  • Fast design decisions can be made early or late on in the design phase
  • Second generation models can be made quickly, don’t have to start from scratch
  • Significantly fewer CAD software crashes
  • More time for the design rather than fighting the CAD model
  • Faster design phase
  • Faster engineering (no clean up or errors to deal with)
  • Enables the use of advanced modelling techniques (otherwise they fail) which save you time, increase model accuracy and cause fewer mistakes in the fitting together of parts
  • Allows quick and easy re-use of the CAD geometry for the second generation of your product
  • Allows quick and easy last-minute modifications to the geometry
  • Allows easy surface offsets for packaging
  • Avoids defects when 3D printing plastic or metal components
  • Avoids meshing problems in the CAE or FEA environment
  • Avoids problems creating tool-paths in the CAM environment
  • No engineering/production errors
  • Deadlines met
  • Happy users
  • Happy managers
  • Happy suppliers

Can you afford not to have high-quality geometry?