3D CAD geometry SERVICES

High-quality 3D CAD geometry: saves time in design, lowers costs in engineering.


There are three sub-processes to the geometry upgrade. High quality is achieved by going through some or all of the following depending on the current state of your CAD geometry:-

  1. Complex Geometry Troubleshooting – model not a solid, e.g. surfaces not stitching.
  2. Complex Geometry Validation – checks less obvious problems, e.g. model is a solid but could have bad faces or edges.
  3. Complex Geometry Optimisation - the geometry is good according to the checks but the way the surface is constructed would not allow downstream operations in engineering, e.g. offsets might not work on 3-sided surfaces.

All work is guaranteed.

Our preferred tool for this work is SOLIDWORKS 2017 or higher.

We choose SOLIDWORKS because:-

  • Imports (reads) all standard CAD file formats and many other non-standard formats.
  • Exports (writes) all standard CAD file formats and many other non-standard formats.
  • Powerful yet easy to use surfacing, diagnostic and checking tools.


If you are interested in learning how to consistently produce high-quality 3D CAD geometry, we can provide a set of guidelines for you and your CAD design team to follow. This can also be reinforced through an on-site 'training day' where we sit down with you and guide you through a current model you are working on, or we can set-up a Teamviewer online meeting where we can remotely guide you through each stage of your model creation process to ensure, fast design and quality model geometry fit for engineering or production. Contact us by filling in the contact form and state your interest.